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Amrit had a successful career in consulting. Ipshita was a world-class restaurant chef. Life was good, yet it felt incomplete. They wanted to create,  make something pure, and they wanted to do it together. They did not know “How?”

In 2009, in his mid-thirties, Amrit packed up their Manhattan life, headed to upstate New York to learn about food and agriculture. Ipshita had just finished competing on Iron Chef America and was not too excited. Yet she tagged along. After two years of intellectual meditation a light bulb went on – they were in the “silicon valley of yogurt”. They carted free samples, to a farmers market, of their homemade lassi — a refreshing probiotic yogurt smoothie popular in their native India — and asked market-goers if they should quit their day jobs.

UntitledThe answers poured in, and That Indian Drink was born in 2012. Amrit sold lassi from the back of his car to upstate NY stores while Ipshita scaled operations. Together they built their own processing plant, in 2014, in Freeville, NY.

Why lassi(That Indian Drink)?

UntitledLassi (pronounced LUSS-ee, but LAH-see is close enough!) is a refreshing South Asian yogurt drink. In America, you’re most likely to find it at a restaurant — often in its sweet, mango version. In India, it’s everywhere you look! They love it there, always have. They drink it sweet. They drink it salty. They make it at home. They have it at restaurants.

Amrit and Ipshita figured it was time this ancient probiotic yogurt smoothie was liberated from restaurants and enjoyed in homes throughout their adopted country, the same way lassis are enjoyed at home in the couples’ native India.

But, of course, if they were going to share a beloved Indian tradition with families across America, they had to make sure they did it right.  That means crafting their own gourmet flavors – blending familiar American tastes with classic Indian spices. . It means culturing their own yogurt to achieve that authentic lassi taste. It means sourcing milk directly from farmers. And it means sticking to their guns every step of the way to keep the drink 100% natural. That Indian Drink is MADE with love using 6 or less ingredients and NOT MADE UP with gums, flavorings and thickeners.


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